The Beautician & Waxing Nottingham is a project where a beauty center offers multiple beauty services and treatments. This project describes the creation of an aesthetic center that is part of the Welfare and Personal Image sector. This business has developed and has grown over time, since in addition to offering the services of expert therapists in its beauty area, it also offers a relaxed atmosphere where the client will find a moment of relaxation and stress. Nottingham is comprised of several sectors and services related to the improvement of physical appearance and the holistic impact of mind and body health.

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Beauticians or beauty therapists in Nottingham, who have the job to maintain and beautify the face, skin and body, using cosmetics or applying
treatments according to the needs of each client, will be aware that their services meet the most demanding expectations of the clients. Our staff has years that endorse the vast experience that is required in this field.

Beautician Nottingham, located always in Lincolnshire was a resounding success, so decided to open its doors in Nottingham with a novel lounge, modern designs and spacious spaces, plus a host of treatments to choose from by professionals in the beauty of the body.

Piera, founder of this aesthetic and recognized for his art in this field, will be able to attend you personally on Monday. With 17 years of
experience behind him, Piera with his professional technique and international qualifications has the ability to create art with intimate waxing for men and women being his specialty, but also offering hair removal in other areas of the body such as legs, eyebrow, chest, back and buttocks.

A high number of clients support our work and they have stayed with such a good impression that they recommend us. They have expressed that after having met Piera and her specialists her idea of hair removal transformed the concept of her body, Piera with a professional attitude in the treatment area and a friendly personality transforms the body into the splendor of her art.

The Beautician Nottingham is not one of the many companies that work on the Personal Beauty plan. It is a sector specialized in the welfare of

Our job is to be professionals and demonstrate it with each of our visitors, the techniques we use are strictly state-of-the-art, which allows us
to be the leaders in the field. This center was created with the aim of providing a sevice with the highest quality, comfort and comfort that you will
notice upon entering. Beautician Nottingham, the holistic solution to the care and well-being of your body.

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